Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cellulite affects 90% of women and we believe 85% of men

At last we have answered the request of many customers by bringing out an effective, 100% Natural Cellulite Oil in conjunction with a plan of attack.

Cellulite is not simple fat, but a way in which your body reacts to a build-up of toxins in the connective tissue in the skin. This then manifests as a honeycomb web of waterlogged and toxin filled tissue. Water retention is when excess fluid in your body builds up and is uncomfortably stored in your tissues.

Poor circulation
Poor lymph drainage
Lack of oxygen
Unbalanced endocrine system
Water retention
Allergy – especially wheat and milk
Hormonal Changes
Toxicity – environment and/or diet

The Cellulite Solution
We emphasise that this is a combined effort of addressing lifestyle, taking action and regular treatment. Our Natural Cellulite Oil offers a comprehensive solution to the problem of cellulite by treating its causes and effects.

Seven point plan of attack:
1. Increase blood circulation with Exfoliation and skin brushing with real bristles—upward movements in the shower (lymph drainage)

2. Exercise
A large part of treating cellulite is creating a lifestyle which helps manage fat in the body. By building muscle mass in cellulite affected areas such as legs and buttocks we help burn fat which avoids it turning into cellulite. Muscles also work to stretch and smooth dimpled skin. As a result legs will be firmer and you will feel and look great!

3. Massage every day
One great technique to smooth cellulite build-up is to massage cellulite areas daily with a body brush. You can do so in the shower or on dry skin. To help increase circulation under the skin massage with an exfoliating body wash. This also helps to stimulate blood flow and get fat cells moving elsewhere!

4. Cellulite Oil
combined especially for cellulite - add to bath to penetrate skin by osmosis. Whilst in the bath, pinch and pummel cellulite areas to assist in breaking down fatty deposits.

5. Increase Oxygen flow - breathe deeply. Breathing is vital.

6. Relaxation to shift toxins, waste and fat.

7. Address your Diet
Increase intake of vitamins and minerals, raw vegetables including bean sprouts - all soaked and scrubbed. Cut out Tea, Coffee, Alcohol

· Potent cellulite reduction agents include organic Aloe Vera.
100% natural ingredients
· No side effects
· Has shown to shrink fat cells and drain fluids
· Increases circulation
· Firms and tones thighs and/or buttocks
· Restores and Increases the elasticity of your skin
· Increase circulation and eliminate toxins,
Helps prevent the formation of new cellulite!
· Together, these ingredients work to increase circulation, drain fluids and activate lipolysis, the breakdown of stored fat.

Important Note: Wild Natures
Cellulite Oil does not contain aminophylline, a harsh chemical used to treat asthma. While some cellulite cream manufacturers claim aminophylline reduces cellulite, this is not proven by substantial research

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