Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Improve the look, feel and texture of your skin naturally

Why do so many personal care products and cosmetics contain potentially harmful ingredients? The simple answer is: because they are cheap, readily available, and easy to dilute.

Are there non toxic, Natural Skin Care and Personal Care Products out there that deliver results? Yes, loads! There are many great quality organic and natural personal care products, skin care products and cosmetics out there that are hand made with love, but don not trust a label just because it reads 'All Natural', read on... Unfortunately the market is being flooded with companies trying to sell you personal care products that are not at all 'All Natural'.

What can you do to keep your skin healthy without using potentially harmful substances? Eat plenty of fresh, raw food and getting enough omega 3 fats are ways to improve your skin... You are what you eat. Need I mention exercise? Through exercise, your skin detoxifies impurities from your system; known as perspiration... And do not smoke. But beyond that, here is a critically important step to skin care you need to be aware of…Just 5 minutes per day gets you on the road to a younger looking, vibrant face : use natural skin care products and have a daily skin care routine.

Every day of your life, pollution, grime and dust attach to your skin. If you don not take a couple minutes each day to cleanse your face and unclog your pores, your skin may look sluggish instead of its bright and shiny best. Take time to thoroughly cleanse your skin with natural skin care products and you will find your face looking and feeling younger. Please refer to our Natural Skin Care Routine for healthy, glowing skin. If you will be in the sun for extended periods of time, use a natural Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen with safe and effective ingredients

Don’t expect overnight changes when trying to improve the look and texture of your skin. Don’t be discouraged with seeming lack of progress. It may take a week, a month or even two to notice changes and bring your skin back to a natural, healthy balance. Plus, it is quite possible that others will notice your increasingly youthful-looking face before you do!

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