Wednesday, April 7, 2010

7 Natural Skin Care Products for $19.00!!

Trial 7 Natural Skin Care Products with Organic Aloe Vera for less than the price of one! 
Aloe Vera works to repair, re-hydrate and replenish your skin. Caring for your skin is so simple and affordable!
This convenient Kit is the perfect travel companion.
Please refer to our Natural Skin Care Routine for our advice on how to achieve the very best results for your skin.
Your Sample/ Travel Kit includes;

With exposure to sun and the natural aging process collagen production slows down. Organic Aloe Vera has the ability to accelerate collagen production keeping your skin firm & supple.
Aloe Vera is a natural moisturiser that provides all the nutrients; vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, & amino acids, required, infusing dry skin with desperately needed moisture.
Aloe Vera encourages water retention in skin tissue, rids dead skin cells, and stimulates skin growth, helping to keep facial pores unclogged and gives skin a healthy glow. Amino acids in the plant help to promote the growth of new skin cells.

With inital use of our Natural Skin Care products your skin might react with a red flush. This is a good sign! This means that the pores of your skin have fully opened to absorb much needed moisture. This flush will pass within minutes. 
As with any skin treatment, Aloe Vera users must be patient but within days, your skin will rehydrate and appear supple, fresh and healthy!
Treat yourself to something that is 100% good for you. Why not try our beautiful range of Mineral Make Up Products?
Wild Nature's organic products are recommended for damaged and sensitive skin. Ideal for adults, teenagers, children and babies.


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